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Henan Ping high Electric Co., Ltd. clear standards solid progress "two school one to do"

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Recently, the high power fully play the role of the party branch (total branch) fighting fortress, the cadre style into a starting point, solidly promote the "two school one to do" learning and education, "unity of knowledge and practice" as a comprehensive comprehensive study, practice Party discipline and party regulations to "learn with the combination" as the quasi-agreement Xi Jinping general secretary series of speech spirit, "advanced and pure sexual unity" for the requirements of qualified members, around the production and operation center, adhere to the problem-oriented, clear learning Standards, through the branch secretary to take the lead in learning, relying on the organization of life, small workers, team sooner or later, micro-credit groups and other carriers, comprehensively promote the "two schools to do" learning and education, strict management of party members, strengthen party building, , Boost production management level of continuous improvement.

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