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"Integrity responsibility innovation dedication"

Pinggao Electric over the years has always been to revitalize the national equipment manufacturing industry as their responsibility, self-reliance, hard work, determined to reform, pioneering and innovative, in the world power industry and even human progress made outstanding contributions, but also to grow itself as the industry leading enterprises And the national major equipment manufacturing industry pillar enterprises, and the ability to meet the global customer demand for transmission and distribution equipment.

The company always adhere to the "continuous improvement of the pursuit of excellence" management philosophy, to build the core competitiveness. In the property rights system, management mechanism, technology development, quality assurance, marketing, and other aspects of continuous innovation, systematically improve, and achieved brilliant results. The company always adhere to the training of professionals and the core team of the building, has forged a broad vision, a strong sense of professionalism, excellent professional skills of the core team. The company always adhere to the "realistic and striving for excellence" business style, with advanced technology, scientific management for customers around the world to provide high-quality, high reliability, high-performance world-class products.

Looking ahead, long way to go. We will, as always, vigorously carry forward the "efforts to exceed the pursuit of excellence" entrepreneurial spirit, firmly establish the "integrity of the responsibility of innovation and dedication" of the core values of enterprises to down-to-earth style of work and the struggle of the struggle of the spirit of the future, Unity and hard work, and further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, the high-level construction into a leading independent research and development capabilities, world-class electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises, dedicated service in the power industry, and strive to contribute to human society.