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Technological innovation

Pinggao Electric is a national large-scale manufacturing high-voltage switchgear backbone enterprises, responsible for research and development, production and providing high-voltage, super-high voltage, ultra-high voltage switchgear to the construction of power and power grid and revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry mission. Decades of wind and rain course, Pinggao Electric goes out of a difficult and brilliant road which is from the introduction of technology, digestion and absorption to the independent innovation. In the research and development of products, has always adhere to the new product development and management principles of “market demand-oriented, practical development and strategic development simultaneously, independent development and introduction of technology simiultaneously, combination production, study and research” and carrying out the “carrer advancement opportunities, treatment retention”policy, fostering the team spirit of unity, affinity, work with each other, establishing the common concept of “seeking truth, love, dedication, striving for excellence”, establishing the strict scientific management system, building a stage for scientific and technical personnel to display their talent to strengthen foreigh cooperation, training science and technology backbone, master the core technology and build national brand and enhance the technical performance of products continuously, to make Pinggao be the forefront of the industry in the independent innovation.

Pinggao is the first company introducing SF6 circuit breaker manufacturing technology in 1979 from MG company in France, after several years of digestion, absorption and improvement, Pinggao made it to be homemade in 1986 and produce LW6 series (72.5 kV, 550 kV) SF6 circuit breaker, became a leading manufacturer of SF6 circuit breaker.

With the rapid development of power industry in China, there are higher requirements to the technical performance of high voltage switch and the operation reliability. In recent years, Pinggao electric, relying on the demonstrative project of national uhv test, super-high voltage project, researched the technic of high voltage switchgear, preliminary master the key technology of the arcing mechanism, electric field, flow field, circuit breaker characteristic parameter analysis and testing, has developed a large number of the world's leading or advanced high voltage switchgear, formed the production ability in volume, reached the industrial upgrading of the switchgear manufacturing. With the new product research and development of "strategic development and practical development simultaneously, independent development and introduction of technology, the combination of production, study and research", the company established the "market-oriented, research and development of new products, adopt international standards, improve the technology and manufacturing technology, leading products reach the advanced level of the world" technology innovation course, in the support of the company system, mechanism and all reforms, according to the national technology innovation policy, Pinggao electric exploits itself in the path of reform and development, has obtained the remarkable result. After the tireless efforts of all staff, Pinggao electric developed independently ZF11C - 252 kV GIS, ZF12B (Z) - 126 kV intelligent GIS, ZF27-800 kV GIS, GW27-1100 kV uhv AC disconnector, ZF27-1100 kV, ZGW6 - 816 kV type high-voltage DC disconnector, CYTA series disc spring energy storage hydraulic mechanism, LH series of sulfur hexafluoride recycling device, LZ series vacuum device, sulfur hexafluoride purification processing system and other products, and 40.5 kV ~ 1100 kV hollow composite insulator, 126 kV~ 1100 kV gas insulated composite bushing, 12 kV ~ 252 kV AC bar pillar composite insulator, ±100 kV ~ ±1100 kV DC bar pillar composite insulator, rubber seal products and such matching parts.

Facing the future, the company will carry forward the "efforts to go beyond the pursuit of excellence" spirit of enterprise, adhering to the core values of "integrity, responsibility, innovation, dedication", to "specialization, standardization, quality, internationalization" as the leading, master the core technology of switch equipment and develop the international first-class high-end products, make irreplaceable competitive advantage, establishing the only independent research and development, testing and manufacturing base in state grid company system about AC/DC, full range, full voltage level switch equipment , developed into the international first-class switchgear and the core spare parts professional manufacturing enterprise.