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Henan Pinggao Electric Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Company”or “Pinggao Electric”) is held by Pinggao Group Co., Ltd. Which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Grid Corporation, listed in Shanghai Securities Exchange on February 21, 2001(stock code: 600312). Pinggao, the first company in high voltage switchgear industry to pass the certification for high-level and new technical enterprise from Chinese Academy of Science and Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the major technology and equipment pillar enterprises in national electrical industry, the complete sets of equipment R&D and manufacturering base for China’s switchgear of high voltage, super-high pressure, ultra-high voltage and transformer substation. Pinggao won a lot of honorary titles, such as the “National '51' labor certifcate ”, “the country’s 500 largest electrical manufacturing enterprises”, “China’s top ten leading manufacturers of electrical products”, “top ten service star enterprise of China electrical equipment”, “China top 500 enterprise information””national guard the heavy reputation of contract unit”, “national torch plan key high-tech enterprise” “national quality management innovation base”, “National Quality Inspection Work Advanced Enterprise”, “National Grid UHV AC Test Demonstration Project Special Contribution unit”and other honorary titles.

The core business of the company are research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of high voltage, super-high voltage and ultra-high voltage ac/dc switchgear, the main products are 72.5 ~ 1100 kV SF6 gas insulated enclosed combination electric appliance (GIS/H - GIS), 72.5 ~ 1100 kV sulfur hexafluoride tank circuit breaker switchgear (T - GCB), 72.5 ~ 1100 kV open wide type SF6 circuit breaker, 40.5 kV ~ 1100 kV AC disconnector and earthing switch, 10 kV ~ 1120 kV DC disconnector and earthing switch, hydraulic/spring mechanism, composite insulator, SF6 gas recycling device, vacuum arcing chamber and other core spare parts of switchgear.

The company has 11 wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries, 1 joint venture company. Seven of which are wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely Tianjin Pinggao Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd., Henan Pinggao General Electric Co., Ltd., Pinggao Group Intrernational Engineering Co., Ltd., Pinggao Group Weihai High Voltage Electric Co., Ltd., Tianjin Pinggao Electrical Equipment Maintenance Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Pinggao High Voltage Switchgear Maintenance Co., Ltd., Sichuan Pinggao High Voltage Switch Maintenance Co., Ltd., 4 holding subsidiaries, Henan Pingzhi High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd., Henan Pinggao Electric Sales Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tianliang Switchgear Factory Co., Ltd., Pinggao Group India Electric Power Co., Ltd., 1 joint venture company, Pinggao Toshiba(Langfang) arrester Co., Ltd. The company set up 13 functions, business, professional departments and 11 production and operation units.

The company covers an area of more than one million square meters, the main processing equipment are more than 5000 (sets), including all kinds of CNC processing equipment more than 200 (sets). Having the international first-class professional production lines of CNC machining center conductor, insulation parts manufacturing, conductor silver coating, shell making and coating, rubber seal, process equipment has reached the international advanced level.

The strength of company’s research and development is abundant, the technology innovation ability is strong, own the enterprise technology centers recognized by the country, established the AC/DC, full range, full voltage level switchgear research and development of science and technology system. The project of "uhv AC power transmission key technology, complete equipment and engineering application" and "large open circuit switch electrical appliance key technology and application" that Pinggao participated, respectively won the 2012 state science and technology progress prize and second prize, become Pinggao’s highest honor of high-tech innovation.Over the past years, Pinggao has achieved a major breakthrough in the key technology of transmission and distribution with high voltage, super-high voltage and ultra-high voltage, successfully developed Chinese first 220kv open type SF6 circuit breaker, 550kv SF6 circuit breaker, the first set of 220kv totally enclosed combination electric appliance, 800kv totally enclosed combination electric appliance, and 816kv&1120kv DC disconnector, 1100kv totally enclosed combined electrical appliances, 1100kv bypass circuit breaker/bypass disconnector and other high-end products with complitely independent intellectual property rights, occupied the world switch domain commanding heights. The performance of company’s main products has reached the international leading level, all products have the core technology of manufacturing, all of them have the independent intellectual property rights. 550 kv SF6 circuit breaker obtained the only quality gold award in our country’s ultrahigh voltage switch fields , 220 kv and above the breaker won the "Chinese famous brand products", the company logo (PG) get "China well-known trademark".

The company’s products are widely used in China’s key power projects, Pinggao has ever provided the transmission and distribution equipments to national’s key projects, such as, the first of our 550kv high-voltage AC transmission project, the first 750kv UHV AC transmission project, the first intelligent demonstration project with the highest voltage level - 750kv Yan’an transformer substation. The first UHV AC pilot demonstration project - Southeast of Shanxi - Nanyang - Jingmen and Ximeng - Shandong, Anhui power transmission, North of Zhejiang - Fuzhou, Jin Su direct current, DC from south of Hami to Zhengzhou. As China’s own brand enterprises, Pinggao Electric has been positioning its pace of development in the international and domestic markets, the products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Oceania. At present, the company is relying on the great support of national macro industry policy, with the help of state power investment and the “global energy Internet””One Belt And One Road”strategy, optimizing the industrial structure constantly, leading by “specialization, serialization, quality, internationalization”and constantly master the core technology of switching equipment to speed up the development of world-class products, effort to build world-renowned, Asia’s largest high-voltage, super-high voltage, ultra-high voltage switchgear R&D and manufacturing base and large international high-voltage switch electrical manufacturing enterprises, to make a positive contribution for upgrading the independent R&D of national equipment manufacturing technology and constructing strong intelligent state grid.