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Development strategy

Strategic objectives:“To create a world-class high-voltage switch products and core components of professional manufacturing enterprises”

Strategic thinking:

1.Around "a goal" rally ": world-class switching equipment manufacturing services business.

2.The use of "two platforms" high-voltage switch products R & D manufacturing service platform, listed companies financial services platform.

3.Development of the three business "high-voltage switch business; power-related products manufacturing business; product value-added services and core components business.

4.To build "four systems": that is, large marketing system, a large R & D system, large production system, large service system.

5.Open up the "five major markets": that is, UHV market, smart grid, new energy and power generation, rail transportation and industry, environmental protection and energy saving market.

Strategic focus:

The production of special high-pressure products as a leader, conventional products, maintenance business for the two wings, supporting parts and components to assist the "industry pattern; strictly in accordance with the plan to promote product upgrading, strengthen technology, management and business model innovation, research new technology, Develop new products, explore new models and discover new profit growth points; vigorously expand domestic and foreign markets, enhance the international competition level of competitive advantage, strengthen the marketing process by strengthening the marketing process, improve the satisfaction of after-sales service, Rapid market feedback mechanism and other means, and continuously improve the market share; with "three" and the rush, continue to optimize the organization, the scientific division of responsibilities division, combing business processes, the formation of a clear interface, the management process optimization of the organizational system; Increase scientific and technological innovation and management efforts to strengthen the production quality management, improve operations and comprehensive strength, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness, and promote the company to achieve rapid and healthy development.