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First, the basic values ​​of the concept

Enterprise vision: building a world - class power grid construction of world - class enterprises

Enterprise mission: dedication of clean energy to build a harmonious society

Enterprise purpose: to serve the party and the overall situation of the country, to serve the power customers, service power generation enterprises, economic and social development services

Core values: integrity responsibility innovation dedication

Entrepreneurship: Efforts to go beyond the pursuit of excellence


Second, the scientific development strategy

To three construction as a guarantee, to comprehensively promote the two changes, the construction of a strong three excellent modern company is the company's overall strategy for development. Strengthen the three construction, promote two changes, the construction of a strong three excellent modern company is closely linked, promote each other, organic unity. The promotion of the two transformations is a strategic way to build a strong three excellent modern company; strengthening the three buildings is an important guarantee to advance the two transformations.

Strategic objectives: the national grid company to build a strong grid, good assets, service quality, outstanding performance of the modern company (referred to as a strong three excellent).

Strategic approach: change the way the company changes the way the development of power grid (referred to as two changes)

In accordance with the group operation, intensive development, lean management, standardization of construction (referred to as four) requirements, the implementation of human resources, finance, material intensive management, build large planning, large construction, large operation, large production, marketing Three sets of five) system, to achieve the company's development mode change.

Construction of high voltage power grid as the backbone of the grid, coordinated development of power grids at all levels, with information, automation, interactive features of the strong smart grid, to achieve power grid development mode change.

Strategic focus: adhere to grasp the development, grasping management, grasping the team, a first-class (referred to as three grasping a) work ideas, vigorously implement the power grid development strategy, management strategy, talent strong enterprise strategy, technology development strategy, information strategy, Support strategy, industry support strategy, international strategy, corporate culture strategy, brand development strategy, to promote the company sound and fast development.

Power grid development strategy: follow the power grid development law, increase the power grid investment, adhere to a special four (special high pressure, large coal, large hydropower, nuclear power and large renewable energy base), promote strong smart grid construction, Energy resources and the ability to withstand serious accident risks, to promote large-scale energy base intensive development and clean energy development, in order to continue to meet the economic and social development of electricity demand.

Management strategy: to carry out the business in accordance with the law, strict management of enterprises, diligent and frugal enterprises to do the policy, and actively carry out institutional mechanisms and management innovation, in-depth promotion of the Group of operations, intensive development, lean management, standardization, and fully tap the potential of internal resources, Continuously improve the company's management level and asset operation efficiency.

Talent strategy: the team building as the key to enhance the company's ability to sustainable development, the establishment of two needs to adapt to the transformation of human resources management system and working mechanism, the implementation of full education and training, and comprehensively promote the leadership at all levels, cadres and the Class talent team building, do a good job training and the introduction of scarce talent, and constantly optimize the team structure, enhance the quality of the team, to stimulate the vitality of employees, for the construction of a strong three excellent modern companies to provide personnel protection and intellectual support.

Science and technology development strategy: adhere to independent innovation, focus on cross, support the development and lead the future approach, implement the first-class talent team, the implementation of large scientific research, to create big results, cultivate large industries, to achieve large promotion (referred to as first-class four) And constantly enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, to overcome the constraints of the two technological bottlenecks to solve the production operation and business development of technical problems, to seize the international power technology high ground, play a scientific and technological innovation support and lead role.

Information strategy as the promotion of two changes, enhance the company's core competitiveness of the important driving force, aimed at the international advanced level, in accordance with unified leadership, unified planning, unified standards, unified organization and implementation of the principle of comprehensively promote the construction of information technology enterprises , To support the production of information technology specialization and management of modernization, to ensure that the network and information security, for a strong three excellent modern company to provide a strong information security.

Financial support strategy: to play the potential of the company's financial resources, grasp the development opportunities of China's financial market, follow the development of the financial industry, promote the integration of industry and financial, strengthen financial control, strengthen the construction of talents and mechanisms to speed up the construction of modern financial holding group, Force, and comprehensively enhance the level of profitability for the development of the company to provide financial support.

Industry support strategy: in accordance with the scale, on the level of intensive development direction, to expand the business unit directly under the extension of the industrial chain, the formation of scale business advantages and core competitiveness, do excellent and stronger directly under the industry, Modern company construction to provide technical support, intellectual support, service support and benefit contribution.

Internationalization strategy: adhere to the introduction, go out to combine to adapt to the process of economic globalization, strengthen international economic and technological exchanges and cooperation, play a comparative advantage, and actively participate in energy and other related areas of international division of labor, co-ordination of international and domestic markets, Resources, expand the company's development space, and continuously enhance the company's international competitiveness and international influence.

Corporate culture strategy: follow the basic laws of corporate culture to the socialist core value system as a guide to adapt to the new requirements of the company's development and reform, adhere to the center, the overall situation, people-oriented, full participation, focusing on building, highlighting the characteristics of unified planning, Step by step implementation of the principle of building a unified system based on the four unified corporate culture, enhance the company's core competitiveness, corporate soft power and sustainable development capacity to promote the company's scientific development.

  - adhere to the unified core values, unified development goals, a unified brand strategy, a unified management standards, the company is a unified corporate culture of the basic content and an important basis.

  - The implementation of the company's basic value concept system is the core of building a unified and excellent corporate culture.

  - the implementation of corporate culture construction quality engineering, floor engineering, evaluation project (referred to as the three major projects) is the construction of a unified excellent corporate culture an important carrier.

Brand development strategy: to enhance the national grid brand awareness, awareness and reputation, and strengthen safety management, standardize service behavior, fulfill social responsibility, enhance the quality of service, enhance the soft power of enterprises to promote business and stakeholders to establish Mutual trust, harmonious interaction, good cooperation with the good relations, cohesion and development together, shaping the world-class national grid brand.

  - Company brand is the embodiment of the results of the construction of endoplasmic form. Promote the brand's overall planning, unified brand promotion, unified brand management, standard use VI manual, deepen the cultural environment construction, enhance the national grid brand value and image.

  - To improve the management level, to enhance the overall quality of the team, to fulfill their social responsibilities, to strengthen the company and the stakeholders of the harmonious interaction, establish the company stresses political, responsible, strong management, re-service, innovation, The image of the central enterprises.

Strategic protection: comprehensively strengthen the party building, corporate culture construction, team building (referred to as three construction).

  The construction of the party is the primary task of the three construction. The construction of the leading bodies at all levels is the top priority of the three constructions. The excellent corporate culture of building a unified enterprise is the important foundation of the three constructions. Improving the quality of the whole staff is the foundation of the three construction Focus.