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Seizing the opportunity to build up the power of the power grid industry of henan pinggao electric co., LTD

Company news
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2017/05/18 10:36
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"Thirteen five" period, the state 2 trillion yuan of distribution network construction and transformation plan and 700 billion yuan rural power grid renovation and upgrading project started. Implementation of electric vehicles, new energy industry is developing rapidly, "along the way" "Global Energy Internet" "Made in China 2025" and other strategic planning of innovation, making the industrial market to further enlarge the capacity of the distribution network for the development of China's electrical equipment industry has brought great Of the market opportunities. In recent years, a high level of Henan Electric Co., Ltd. in the ever-consolidating high-pressure industrial base, seize the national distribution network and upgrading strategic investment opportunities in the field of new energy development, vigorously develop the distribution network industry, adhere to innovation-driven, optimization and reorganization , Quality and efficiency, coordinated development, and gradually improve the market competitiveness and profitability. January to April 2017, to achieve the distribution network industry new contract 1.045 billion yuan, an increase of 40.46%.
At present, Tianjin has a high level of electrical high-level intelligent Electric Co., Ltd., Henan high level of General Electric Co., Ltd., Shanghai days Ling Switch Factory Co., Ltd. three industrial units distribution network. Among them, Tianjin high level of play and the General Electric building advantages of high starting point, further highlight the high-end smart manufacturing advantages, focusing on the development of high-end equipment, vacuum interrupters, circuit breakers, rail transportation equipment, box-type substation and other industries; Shanghai days Ling has included the most advanced core technology of gas-insulated switchgear apparatus 60 including a number of inventions and utility model patents, inflatable counters, ring counters leading products with high reliability, maintenance-free, intelligent, environmental protection, energy conservation and other features, technical performance Reached the international advanced level, the success of the Shanghai Grand Theater, Pudong International Airport, Shanghai World Expo venues and a large number of major projects to provide quality products and services.