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Scientific planning precise hair - henan pinggao electric co., LTD. Has achieved excellent results in the second batch of nation

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2017/05/18 10:37
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Recently, the State Grid Corporation e-commerce platform released the "State Grid Corporation of power transmission project in 2017 the second substation equipment (including cable) tender procurement bid", Henan Ping Gao Electric Co., Ltd. and wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianjin Ping (Henan Pingling General Electric Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai Tianling Switchgear Co., Ltd., Henan Pingzhi High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd. and a joint venture company Pinggao Dongfang (Langfang) arrester Co., Ltd. for the relevant projects successful bidder, The total bid amount of $ 187 million, $ 47 million, $ 69 million, $ 48 million, $ 138 million, $ 118 million, totaling $ 507 million, the market share of 22.91%, ranking first. The batch of national network set bidding 5 series of stand-alone products won the bid, which combined appliances won 288 million yuan, the share of 30.40%, ranking first. Switch cabinet bid 1.53 billion yuan, the share of 18.00%, ranked first. Circuit breaker bid 37.6 million yuan, the share of 15.77%, ranked third. Arrester won 17.77 million yuan, the share of 17.07%, ranked third. Isolation switch bid 11.56 million yuan, the share of 6.41%, ranked fourth. At the same time, the State Grid Corporation e-commerce platform released the "State Grid Corporation in 2017 the first distribution network equipment agreement inventory tender notice", the company and subsidiary of Tianjin Ping high, flat high common, Shanghai Tieling for the relevant project winning bidder, The bid amount was 0.17 billion yuan, 99 million yuan, 82 million yuan, 49 million yuan, the total winning 247 million yuan. The company also in the State Grid Corporation in 2017 the first substation equipment station bidding, won $ 32 million. The company won the total amount of 786 million yuan, the successful bidder will have a positive impact on the future of high electrical business.