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Company news

Pinggao is rated as a good operating performance supplier for GIS equipment in India

Company news
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2017/06/08 10:39
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In the 2017 annual national grid company supplier conference, Pinggao Group Co., Ltd. by virtue of excellent and stable product performance and efficient, high-quality construction and installation services, the Indian State Grid Corporation as "2017 GIS equipment excellent performance Supplier ", became the only foreign GIS equipment suppliers to receive this award. India as the Pingguo Group traditional international market, the power market development space is vast. In recent years, Pinggao Group vigorously implement the international development strategy, and actively explore the Indian electricity market, and successfully 765 kV, 420 kV and other voltage levels of products into the Indian market. Group of the construction and supply of Indian Sri Lanka, such as Valan, Jishen Genjie, Kanpur and other seven projects have been safe transmission, equipment, safe and stable operation. Which India, such as Vala 765 kV substation project, is India's first ultra-high pressure project. Group has also become China's first ultra-high voltage switchgear to EPC way to the international market equipment manufacturers.
Pinggao Group strictly control the quality of export products, from raw material procurement, equipment production assembly, shipping, installation and testing throughout the monitoring. The project site is generally located in remote, harsh environment, the company to overcome the difficulties, to strengthen the site personnel and equipment safety management at the same time, a number of face, 24 hours rotation uninterrupted construction. After years of deep plowing, in the Indian electricity market continue to force, signed the amount of the contract has accumulated more than 1 billion yuan.
Pinggao Group as China's ultra-high voltage switchgear out of the country, into the international market, the main force, take the initiative to follow the international development trend. "The next step, we will continue to rely on their own product technology advantages, will be excellent products and quality services to the international market." Ping high group international engineering company general manager Xu Xiaofei said.