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Spring compulsory tree planting activities themed "the construction of youth and green harmony"

2017/07/25 15:58
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In order to commemorate the country's 33th Arbor Day, on the morning of March 12, 2011, the company organized nearly 40 young volunteers to march with the spring of the beat, with green dreams, came to the Peak Park, launched a "youth to build, Green harmony "as the theme of spring voluntary tree planting activities.




Morning 7:40, young volunteers dressed in uniforms, wearing a "Little Red Riding Hood", ready to shovel, picks, buckets and other tree tools, quickly rushed to the tree planting site, after nearly 20 minutes to reach the scheduled tree planting location The After brief introduction of safety and tree planting, the activities began, we all hands, choose green trees, three or five people a group, and some digging, and some soil, and some watering, both labor, and cooperation, a Full of energy, according to the standard, as required to seriously planted each tree seedlings. Although the wind on the mountain some big, scratched to the body also feel the slightest chill, but we are sober, did not have the impact of the weather, the entire tree planting site filled with the scene in full swing. Looking around, the flag fluttering, banners fluttering, "National Grid" and "Ping high youth volunteers" bright banner on both sides of the wind, "duty tree planting, high youth in action", "Eagle City Tim green, Network brand "two theme banner slogan is particularly eye-catching. After more than an hour of fighting, the volunteers to the quality and quantity to complete the task of planting trees, one by one orderly arrangement of trees into a "young forest", volunteers planted seedlings, in advance of the Communist Youth League prepared tree planting Card to write their own name, personally tied to the tree. Mingzhi in the tree, sentiment in the forest, looking at himself personally planted a small sapling, we feel kind of plant is not just a little green, more hope, is the vision. We have said that in the future have the opportunity to visit these trees, and determined to establish a green awareness, from the side to start, from bit by bit to start together to build our beautiful home.




In order to do this work, the Political Department of the Communist Youth League in the youth members of a wide range of propaganda mobilization, trade unions, gorgeous companies, security and the Eastern Preparatory Office and other units for the activities to provide a strong support and help. The majority of young volunteers with their own hands planted green trees, beautify the environment, and actively engaged in eco-city action, both the practice of "integrity, responsibility, innovation, dedication," the core values ​​of the national network enterprises, and promote the "efforts Beyond, the pursuit of excellence "spirit of enterprise, to build a harmonious society contribute to the youth power.