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ZJW1-816/J25 type Disconnector


ZJW1-816/J25 type Disconnector

Products application

ZJW1-816 type/J25 grounding switch is installed at ± 800 kV converter station on the polar side of DC field and high voltage side of DC filter, used to be reliable grounding for the maintenance of high voltage busbar, converter valve, flat wave reactor and other electrical equipments, in order to provide a qualified, safe working conditions to the maintenance equipment and maintenance staff .

Service environment

1. The surrounding air temperature: -40℃~+40℃

2. Altitude: ≤1000m

3. Wind speed: ≤34m/s

4. Icing-thickness: ≤10mm

5. Anti-seismic ability: AG3

6. The installation site should be free of severe vibration and flammable, explosive materials and chemical corrosion.

The main technical parameters




 Product type



 Rated DC voltage



 60 min DC withstand voltage


1 200

Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak1.2/50μs)


1 950

Rated operating impulse withstand voltage(peak250/2500ms)


1 600

Rated peak withstand current



Rated short-time withstand current(3 s)



Product structure

ZJW1-816/J25 DC earthing switch adopts folding plug-in structure, composed of base, supporting insulator, conductive, operational mechanism and other components, the movement is to rely on CJ11A motor operating mechanism to make opening, closing operation.

The earthing switch adopts folding plug-in and its folding process adopts gear and rack structure, after closing, the support rod is in the dead position. The balance of gravitational potential energy during the movement is combined with the counterweight and the balance spring, easy to operate. Grounding static contact is rossete finger touch structure which is conducive to the improvement of dynamic thermal stability.

Main Features

1.Static contact directly hung on the pole busbar, do not need insulators, greatly reduce product costs

2.The folding process adopts gear and rack structure, operating is stable and reliable

3.Adopting the counter weight and balance spring together to balance the change of potential energy, operation becomes flexible and convenient

4.When the closing, the support rod and grounding arbor constitute a triangular frame structure, improved the product’s stiffness and stability.

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