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SF6gas centralized supply station


SF6gas centralized supply station


The SF6 gas centralized supply station is suitable for the power switch and cylinder manufacturers , which shall have several sub-workstations depending on the actual situations of the users. AII sub­ workstations are functionally independent from each other. Each sub-workstation can achieve the positive and negative pressure recovery, inflation and vacuuming operation of the product gas chamber, and the recovered SF6 gas can be stored in a centralized manner in the liquid state ,and gas can be filled . At the same time ,the filled gas shall be dried ,purified and subject to regeneration treatment.

The SF6 gas centralized supply station stores SF6 gas in a centralized manner,and gas can be supplied in a centralized manner. The SF6 gas can be recycled and reused. The emission of SF6 gas can be reduced , and production costs are decreased. The process is environmentally friendly,which has greatly enhanced the enterprise site management level and production efficiency.

An intelligent SF6 gas centralized supply station shall be built,which has become a new tendency for all

power switch and cylinder manufacturers in planning and building a new plant house.

Main features

• High degree of intelligence : unmanned and automatic operation in the station building ;

• SF6 gas recycling rate up to 99%;

• High speed and high efficiency: the maximum recovery rate for SF6 gas up to 100m3/h;

• Technical parameters shall be determined according to user requirements ,which must be economical and practical ;

• Applicable scope : switch manufacturers with a large demand of gas ; and the occasions in need of recycling use.

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