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KYN28A-12 Metalclad movable switchgear


  KYN28A-12 metalclad movable switchgear is an intermediated withdrawable switghear product developed upon advanced technology.

  * The enclosure is made up of galvanized Aluminum plate, after double bending process.

  * Fully metalclad insolated.

  * The door of the circuit breaker compartment uses double bending sheet locking device, and IAC class optional.

  * Well-enclosed enclosure prevents the equipment from objects and insects.

  * The protection class is IP4X.

  * Simple and effective inter-lock system prevents the maloperation.

  * VCB optional for VDS,VS1 and VD4.

  * Few maintenance for VCB inside the H.V. Compartment and its mechanism.

  * VCB is easy to be replaced and exchanged.

  * The panel may be installed against a wall and main-tained from its front, or not against a wall and maintained from both sides.

  * Secondary wiring is laid in metal-clad channel which has enough space for wiring.

  * Enough space for cable compartment, which allows to connect multiple cables with installation height more than 700 mm.

  * Easy to observe the installation status in cable compartment through the front door.

  * Speed earthing switch is applied to earthing and circuit short connection.

  * Comply with GB3906, DL/T404 and IEC 62271-200 standard.

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