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N2X -12 non-SF6 gas - insulated metal - enclosed switchgear


  N2X-12 non-SF6 gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear, designed and developed by the German senior experts, is a new generation of Medium-voltage C-GIS product integrating the excellent advantages of gas insulation and vacuum breaking technology, and the company owns all the intellectual property rights.

  * Using micro positive pressure (rel.0.02MPa) and environmental-friendly N2 as insulating gas to reduce the negative influence to the environment and the risk of gas leakage.

  * Less space occupation. Each panel can save land by 40% ~ 73%.

  * Modular gas tank structure, Suitable configuration schemes can be chosen based on the exact requirements to ensure the reliable and economic operation of switchgears.

  * Maintenance free on primary circuit. All the high-voltage circuit are gas sealed and not influenced by the environment.

  * Using VEG vacuum circuit breaker , with mechanical endurance up to 10,000 operations, so as to increase the performance and reliability of the equipment. The special vacuum interrupter design makes non-restrike possible for 12kV 630A capacitor bank switching.

  * High-voltage gas tank is manufactured by 3D 5-Axis laser welding of 3mm stainless steel sheet, and checked by helium leakage detection machine. Ensure annual leakage rate less than 0.1%

  * All operations are isolated from high voltage circuit, with safe and convenient operation. Both manual and motor operation are possible for circuit breaker and disconnector and suitable for remote intelligent control and operation especially. Reliable mechanical interlocking is equipped between circuit breaker and disconnector, complying with the requirments of "Five Unti-misoperation Interlocking".

  * Using silicon rubber connector as bus connector with direct plug-in installation, which cancels gas handling work on site.

  * Rated current up to 3150A with natural ventilation, of safety and reliability.

  * All the High-voltage components such as cable terminal, busbar connector, inner-cone insulating parts etc. are made of gas tank outside plug in type technology.

  * Comply with GB3906, DL/T404, IEC62271-200 standard etc.

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