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N2N-40.5 Non-SF6 gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear


  N2N-40.5 Non-SF6 gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear is a new generation of environmental -friendly Medium-voltage C-GIS product. Using micro-positive pressure pure Nitrogen as insulation gas to replace SF6 which is a high green-house effect gas. The product is applied for 40.5kV T&D power system, receiving and distributing the energy, making the control, measurement, protection and intelligent monitoring functions, especially for the important projects in the metropolitan with the limited land resources, as well as severe areas with high altitude, high salt fog and high humidity. It plays more economic role in those countries which limit the carbon emission.

  * Micro positive pressure Pure Nitrogen insulation and vacuum breaking technology have been used on to replace SF6 completely and realize green house solution.

  * The high-voltage components have adopted the design specially for Nitrogen gas insulation characteristic. This leads the switchgear high insulation performance and function minimum relative gas pressure down to zero under the normal operation conditions.

  * The switchgears can be installed in the new generation prefabricated substation to form the compact, integrated and comprehensively smart design.

  * Silicon rubber busbar connector is used to connect the panels in between; When replacing or maintaining middle panel, other neighbor panels don't need to be taken away.

  * Modular design, flexible extension and arrangement. Gas tank assembled in factory, no need to deal with the gas on site.

  * World advanced designing concept, with world first-class manufacturing and testing facilities, such as laser welding, laser cutting and helium detection system.

  * The gas tank is welded by 3mm stainless steel plate by laser technology with the fully enclosed structure, applicable for the severe areas of high altitude, high humidity and high dust etc.

  * The rated gas pressure 0.12MPa (abs. 20°C) of the gas tank ensures the small leakage rate.

  * The mechanical and electrical interlocking between vacuum circuit breaker and 3-position switch ensures the breaking and making of the working current and fault current implemented by vacuum interrupter, which limit the arc within the vacuum interrupter, so as to avoid the degradation of insulation gas.

  *  The HV interface insulation technology is used to ensure all the HV components are fully insulated with plug-in design.

  *  Smart control and protection unit has fully realized the function of smart automation and digitalization with its strong function on control, protection, measurement and communication.

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