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Company name: henan pinggao electric co. LTD

Address: Henan province of pingdingshan city

south ring road 22

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If you need to consult other business, you can call the hotline directly.

General department: +86-375-3804029

Securities department: +86-375-3804064

Sales: +86-375-3803888

Customer service center: 400-6700-312


About us


Henan Pinggao Electric Co., Ltd.
Functional departments
1. Integrated Management Department
2. People labor department
3. Finance Department
4. Securities department
5. Audit Department
Business unit
1. Technology Department
2. Production Materials Department
3. Information Operations Department
4. Major Project Management Office
Professional department
1. Department of Safety and Quality
2. Sales
3. Measurement department
4. Energy Equipment Operation Department
Production and operation units
1. customer service center
2. Combination of electrical business
3. Open electrical division
4. Institutional Division
5. Intelligent Control Division
6. Institutional Manufacturing Division
7. Insulation factory
8. Electroplating factory
9. Composite Insulator Division
10. Environmental Technology Division
11. Transformer Division
Wholly - owned subsidiary
1. Tianjin Pinggao intelligent Electric Co., Ltd
2. Henan Pinggao General Electric Co., Ltd.
3. Pinggao Group International Engineering Co., Ltd
4. Pinghe Group Weihai High Voltage Electric Appliance Co., Ltd
5. Tianjin Ping high electrical equipment maintenance Limited
6. Guangzhou Ping high high voltage switch maintenance Limited
7. Sichuan Ping high high voltage switch maintenance Limited
8. Henan Pingzhi High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd
9. Henan Ping Gao Electric Sales Co., Ltd
10. Shanghai Tianling Switch Factory Co., Ltd
11. Pinggao Group India Electric Power Company Limited
Joint venture company
1. Pinggao Toshiba (Langfang) arrester Co., Ltd.