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LMG Gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear


  LMG gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear is a kind of SF6 Ring Main Unit, composed of fully gas tight and stainless steel tank unit. The gas tanks are connected by busbar connector. The development of products has reached the international level, and the state of the art gas tank manufacturing facilities and Helium leakage detection system ensure the safety and reliability of the products.

  LMG is applicable to the power supply system of 12-24kV ring main power or double radiation network, as control and protection device for electricity, which is also applicable to be installed into prefribricated transformer substation.

  * Stainless steel gas tank is made from most world-advanced laser welding technology.

  * Not influenced by the environment. All the high-voltage live parts and components are enclosed in low-pressure SF6 gas tank to realize miniaturization, lightweight and full insulation.

  * Modular design to realize different functions of main circuit and multi-circuits switchgear system following customer requests.

  * Using silicon rubber connector to realize the plug-in of high-voltage components and the flexible extension of panels.

  * Full shielding cable terminal.

  * Circuit breaker panel can be optionally installed.

  * High-voltage monitoring components and digital relay can be optionally installed.

  * High-voltage metering panel can be optionally installed.

  * Remote monitor and control unit can be optionally installed.

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