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Study lei feng spirit to be a volunteer pioneer

2017/07/25 16:00
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  March 5, 2011, spring, and the wind blowing Xu Xu. Comrade Mao Zedong, "Comrade Lei Feng to study" the 48th anniversary of the inscription by the company's party branch and the League branch of the co-sponsored Lei Feng, tree new wind compulsory labor in the middle of the city Gaoyang Road in full swing to develop.




  We are obliged to clean up the south side of Gaoyang Road in the middle of the town of high-welfare factory south of crossbar construction, man-made garbage as the main purpose, from the activities of the initial planning initiative, to the specific participation in the implementation of the welfare plant leaders have been strong support and encouragement, the majority of welfare Factory members and party members to actively participate. After a morning effort, the urban area of Gaoyang Road south of the crosswalk of the building, man-made garbage has been a thorough clean-up, near the residents living environment has been improved. Through the voluntary labor activities, Lei Feng spirit in the welfare plant members and members of the hearts of the community has been strengthened to strengthen the activities of the surrounding community among the masses have been praised and praised.