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Open innovation cooperation win-win - henan pinggao electric co., LTD. Technology research and development internationalization

Company news
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2017/05/19 10:38
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Henan Ping Gao Electric Co., Ltd. always adhere to open innovation, cooperation and win-win ideas, co-ordinate the advantages of resources, adhering to the "R & D generation, application generation, reserve generation" product technology innovation concept, take the initiative to participate in international competition, from the introduction of foreign technology to the international Giant on the same stage of competition, high electrical out of a unique development of their own characteristics of the road, to achieve the product technology from the "followers" to "parallel" and "leader" change.
Strong base solid, to achieve cutting-edge technology overtaking. Set up a self-operated interrupter joint research team to carry out research on ultrahigh pressure interrupter. The successful completion of PGDB-1800 rail transit DC circuit breaker group results into the transformation, and successfully to the market. Complete miniaturization 800/1100 kV GIS prototype assembly, feature commissioning and type test. 1100 kV cut filter group porcelain column circuit breaker to complete a full set of type test, and won the bid two projects. Compact 126 kV GIS through the group-level product identification, the international level of technology. Relying on the national "863 plan", the successful completion of one million volts DC through the wall casing, the development of performance parameters to the world's leading level. Around the country's major strategic needs, independent research and development of DC converter main technical parameters far more than similar foreign products, one million-volt bypass switch to break foreign technology monopoly, the company 1100 kV and 800 kV product performance and product main technical indicators remain The world's first, to achieve a special high-voltage switch from AC to DC, from theory to practice a comprehensive breakthrough for the first time to achieve power grid technology "China to lead."
Focus on the front, power soft ground to take root. Medium voltage DC switchgear equipment to complete the project proposal preparation. And the domestic research institutes to develop the world's highest level of ± 200, ± 500 kV DC circuit breaker. The world's first developed by the application of flexible DC transmission project line side resonant DC switch for wind power, photovoltaic power generation and other clean energy consumption and multi-terminal DC transmission to provide solutions.
Green development, highlight the responsibility of enterprises to play. 126 kV vacuum circuit breaker future engineering applications will promote 110 kV voltage level switch products comprehensive upgrade. The world's first development of environmentally friendly use of nitrogen insulated switchgear, to achieve zero emissions of greenhouse gases. Sulfur hexafluoride purification center complete sets of equipment to achieve a specific area of ​​sulfur hexafluoride gas "decentralized recovery, centralized treatment, unified detection, rational use."
Intelligent manufacturing, leading electrical equipment into the high-end. The world's first development of long mechanical life of the 12kV vacuum interrupter, arc chamber manufacturing using world-class fully automated production line, the basic "Made in China 2025" made the level of intelligent manufacturing, the main technical parameters of products better than similar products abroad , Which will gradually change the high-end vacuum interrupter market in China by foreign-funded enterprises monopoly situation, boost equipment manufacturing to the high-end forward.